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Why Our Maid Services Choose HEPA Filters

by | Last updated Sep 15, 2021 | Published on Jul 1, 2013 | Green Living

HEPA filters have a reputation the world over for being able to remove air-borne pollutants but the average person actually doesn’t know what makes a HEPA filter so effective. Most filters act like a sieve and have the ability to trap any particle that is larger than its smallest opening. While this can trap quite a few pollutants like dander and dust, it misses some of those miniscule air-borne particles that can cause illness.

The Ultimate in Maid Services

A HEPA filter works in a completely different manner. When a particle tries to pass through the filter, it gets trapped by a clever combination of efficient designing and ingenious technology.

  1. Interception: When a particle follows a line of air flow and comes within one radius of the filter, it sticks to it.
  2. Impaction: When larger particles follow the curving contour of the air stream, they are unable to avoid being embedded in the fiber.
  3. Diffusion: This is an enhancing device that results from the collision of gas molecules with the smallest particles. The particles are impeded as they travel through the filter.

HEPA filters must meet stringent United States Department of Energy (DOE) regulations. To qualify, a filter must remove at least 99.97% of the airborne particles that are 0.3 micrometers in diameter.

The History of HEPA Filters

Many people don’t know that the HEPA filter was actually invented in the 1940’s to prevent the spread of radioactive particles during the Manhattan Project disaster. It was later manufactured for commercial use in the 1950’s. Over the years, many types of business and industries have discovered a dire need for a filtration system that traps even the smallest particle.
The pharmaceutical and aerospace industries both require this type of technology, along with hospitals, computer chip manufacturers and nuclear power plants. Many new industries evolve all the time that require dependable high performance filtration. That’s why Brighthouse Luxury Green Home Cleaning uses HEPA filters.
This type of filtration system can remove dangerous germ-carrying particles and pollutants that could harm your family. Our company and maid services are all about promoting a healthy home and a healthy planet. We believe in going above and beyond your expectations every visit with maid services that you can rely on.

Brighthouse Guarantee

Brighthouse is locally owned and operated and we take pride in our work. We are making the world a better place to live one home or business at a time. We are well-known for our “Green Initiatives” and use only non-toxic, biodegradable products that are safe for your whole family. We also use micro-fiber cloths instead of paper products because they catch and remove more of the dirt, grime and grease and they lessen the impact on local landfills.  Brighthouse is committed to providing consistent five-star maid services to our customers.

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