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Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives

Nashville Brighthouse is passionate about Green Initiatives and promoting healthy homes by operating with strict environmentally friendly standards. Our processes are perfect for families with allergies or asthma, and those who understand the urgency of protecting our world environment.

Our vacuums utilize a five-stage HEPA filtration, capturing an impressive 99.97% of vacuumed particulate 0.3 microns and larger! This means, our cleaners reduce dust in astonishing proportions, leaving behind extremely clean air.

Our cleaners only use natural, biodegradable, non-toxic, child and animal safe cleaning solutions that are packaged for reduced environmental impact.

Our green initiatives cleaners refrain from using conventional paper products, rather we utilize microfiber cloths, dusting tools and mops. Microfiber is made from a scientific weave that is much more effective in capturing and removing dust, grease, germs, and dirt. This method also reduces environmental waste.


Deep Cleaning Service

Deep house cleanings can sometimes seem monumental and overwhelming. At Brighthouse, we go above and beyond and focus on the details to provide you with a top-to-bottom, all-day experience.

Ongoing Customizable

We are flexible to your needs in the cleaning of your home. We specialize in the customization of ongoing cleaning packages and assign a regular cleaning associate to fit your frequency wishes.

Move-in & Move-out

Moving is stressful enough without the added pressure of cleaning your new home before moving in or the previous home after moving out. Let Nashville Brighthouse help relieve the stress by cleaning for you.

Commercial & Hotel

Check-out our sister company that specializes in the placement of dependable, professional cleaners with hotels, HOAs and commercial properties who provide consistent, quality service and peace of mind.

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