Green Living

You Are Using Too Much Water!

Brighthouse Family and Friends, I was driving through a country club in Brentwood last week that I shall not name.  It had been raining so hard that day that many streets had been closed off until they had drained properly.  As I drove through the entrance to the...

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Energy Savings Made Simple

Brighthouse Family and Friends, It's that time of year again when 90 degrees feels like a "cool" day.  The heat is unforgiving and it's just the first few days of summer.  When the temperature shoots up, so does your energy usage.  At Brighthouse Luxury Green Home...

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Why Our Maid Services Choose HEPA Filters

HEPA filters have a reputation the world over for being able to remove air-borne pollutants but the average person actually doesn’t know what makes a HEPA filter so effective. Most filters act like a sieve and have the ability to trap any particle that is larger than...

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