You’re Using Too Much Water!

Brighthouse Family and Friends,

I was driving through a country club in Brentwood last week that I shall not name.  It had been raining so hard that day that many streets had been closed off until they had drained properly.  As I drove through the entrance to the beautiful community, I noticed that the sprinkler system was shooting out water full force during a complete downpour.  This country club features 150+ homes, a golf course, fitness center, restaurant…the works.  Imagine the amount of water that is used here daily just for the purpose of keeping the grass green.

Listen, I know that we all love our green yards and nobody is telling you to dig up the grass and fill it with sand for a never-ending beach volleyball tournament.  BUT – it is our responsibility to make sure that we’re managing our water usage by installing the proper tools to do our part.  I’d like to share with you a few basic and affordable ways to make some changes for the better.  From the bathroom to the front yard, each of us can make a significant impact on conserving our most important natural resource.

Sprinkler System Upgrade!  There is absolutely no reason why we should ever see a sprinkler system running through a rainstorm.  A soil moisture sensor is a simple little device that you bury in the ground around your watering landscape that measures the moisture level present in your soil..  Pretty simple, huh?  If the aforementioned country club simply installed a soil moisture sensor into their system, the sprinklers would have never started during the rainstorm.  A typical golf course can take between 100,000 and 1,000,000 gallons of water WEEKLY in the summer to maintain proper vegetation (source).  That means anywhere between approximately 15,000 to 150,000 gallons of water could be wasted in ONE DAY when sprinklers run during a storm.  That equals water usage for the typical family of 4 for an entire year (source)!

It is also crucial that you abide by your local laws for days and times that you are able to water your lawn.  Typically there are different days for commercial and residential customers.  It is your responsibility to know this and monitor that your programmable system is sticking to it.  Watering your yard during the heat of the day is not only against local regulations, but also results in extremely high percentages of evaporation, meaning even more waste.

Shower Time!  Do you ever think about how much clean and wonderful water goes straight down the drain while you wait for your shower to heat up or leave the faucet on while brushing your teeth?  You can buy a 5 gallon bucket at Home Depot for a few bucks – place this under your shower head when waiting to warm up, and then use this to fill the dogs bowl or water the garden.  Also be sure to cut off the sink when brushing your teeth.  Better yet – fill a small cup of water before you start brushing.  Use this to dampen your brush and then clean it when finished.

Shower heads can also be a source of wasted water.  You can literally cut your gallons per minute (gpm) in half by simply upgrading to a shower head with 2 gpm or less.  You won’t lose any of that good pressure you love, guaranteed!

Ditch the Dishwasher! Ok, before you freak out, nobody is telling you to part with your beloved dishwasher.  Although it is a significant waste of both water and energy, many people have become very accustomed to this luxury.  I know that I typically end up fully washing my dishes before they go into they dishwasher Anyways and have slowly reduced our usage.  That being said, the difference between an old dishwasher and a new energy star certified dishwasher is significant (Yes – I’m telling you to use this as an excuse to buy a shiny new appliance).

Water usage in these new washers are down almost 65% and the energy usage is considerable less!  These Energy Start models started popping up in the mid-90’s, but manufacturers have continued to increase efficiency just about every year since – so go ahead and get yourself a new toy!

What are you doing at home to save water?  Any tips or tricks you want to share?  Are you teaching your children about water conservation?  Why not have the kids be on “water patrol”, making sure to have the bucket ready when taking a shower, or being sure everyone (including mommy and daddy) are turning the faucet off when brushing their teeth.   Make sustainability fun!  

That is all for this month!  As always, we genuinely appreciate your business and always look forward to seeing you again.  Until next time, Stay Green!

Energy Savings Made Simple

Energy Savings Made Simple

Brighthouse Family and Friends,

It’s that time of year again when 90 degrees feels like a “cool” day.  The heat is unforgiving and it’s just the first few days of summer.  When the temperature shoots up, so does your energy usage.  At Brighthouse Luxury Green Home Cleaning, we know that green cleaning is only a very small part of your overall goal to live a sustainable lifestyle.  During these hot months, there are a few simple things you can do to reduce your energy usage while receiving the added benefit of a lower electric bill.  See how many you can implement this month and watch the savings begin!  Maybe you’ll end up with enough extra cash to book some additional time with your favorite Brighthouse Attendant next month…hint, hint!

TURN OFF THE LIGHTS!  Managing your lights is one of the simplest ways to reduce your energy usage.  99% of the typical lightbulb energy use is converted to HEAT and only 1% is used for light.  The very last thing we need in our homes this time of year is heat, and my home tends to have enough natural light come in WITH THE BLINDS CLOSED to operate safely up until 7 or 8 pm this time of year.  Of course, we recommend switching over to LED’s as they require far less energy to operate and have an incredibly long life-span.  Also be sure to use motion-sensors on your homes exterior lighting!

CEILING FANS can be a great way to cool off while reducing energy usage.  But be careful, because having all of your fans on full-time will surely add up fast!  Turning a fan on in the room you’re occupying can typically allow you to turn your AC up 3-5 degrees while still feeling comfortable as the breeze created cools your skin.  Be sure to turn those fans off before you leave the house – they don’t provide any benefit if you’re not there!

Contrary to popular belief, CLOSING AIR VENTS in less-used rooms does not equal energy savings and could cost you big-time in the end.  Energy Vanguard wrote a great article on the pressure issues caused by messing with the intentionally installed flow of your home’s supply and return vents.  Messing with this carefully designed pressure ration can cause your system to over-work resulting in higher energy usages as well as potential damages to your central AC.   Always keep all interior doors open throughout the home and your temperature should level out and mainain quickly.  Of course, a good annual tune-up and inspection of your system is always reccommended as well.

SET YOUR THERMOSTAT up when you’re leaving the house.  Contrary to popular belief, it takes less energy to cool down a hot house after being gone all day than it does to simply maintain a lower temperature through the day.  Setting your thermostat lower will not make your home cool down faster but it will make it run longer!  If you really want to get effecient, install a programmable thermostat that adjusts temperatures automatically throughout the day for maximum savings.  The difference between a thermostat set at 70 degrees and 78 degrees is almost DOUBLE the enegry bill!

CLOSE THOSE BLINDS!  When you leave for the day, be sure to close the blinds, lower the drapes, and pull the curtains.  Letting additional light into your home creates more heat resulting in more running time for the old AC.  During the winter months (please come soon!) be sure to let in as much natural sunlight as possible to have the reverse effect of keeping the house warm.

What are you doing at home to save energy?  Any tips or tricks you want to share?  Are you teaching your children about energy efficiency?  Why not have the kids be on “Light Patrol”, checking for lights left on when leaving the house or during family times when everyone is in the same room.  Make sustainability fun!  

That is all for this month!  Next time, we’ll be digging into proper water usage around the house.  Yes, I’m talking to you who are running your sprinklers at 3:00pm in the heat of the day.  As always, we genuinely appreciate your business and always look forward to seeing you again.  Until next time, Stay Green!

Brighthouse 2015 Sizzle Award Recipient

On Monday, March 23, FranklinIS, Southern Exposure Magazine, the Williamson Herald and JLB hosted the 2015 Sizzle Awards Banquet at the Factory in Franklin.  Brighthouse was awared second place in the 2015 reader’s choice poll category for Best Housekeeping Service. THANK YOU to everyone who voted to help make this happen.


Rejuvenate or Refinish? Your Floors Want You to Read This.

hardwood floor refinishingUnless you are new to the Brighthouse family, you already know that we are committed to discovering and offering the newest and greenest ways to clean your home and office. After years of experience working with clients in need of an innovative approach to cleaning hardwood, we decided that it was time for us to take the lead in developing a solution.

So, if you want to know why we’re smiling so much this month, it’s because we’ve finally decided to offer this solution to you- our valued client. We’ve found the right technicians to deliver the service (20 years of experience!), and honestly… we know you’re going to love it.

It’s a three-step method called Hardwood Rejuvenation, and we just can’t say enough good things about it. We’ve already started telling some clients about the new service, and many of you have been really surprised to learn that there is an effective and green alternative to traditional hardwood refinishing.

Since we always want to make sure that our clients get what they want out of the hardwood solution they choose, we’ve imagined and described a couple of scenarios below to help you make the right decision.

Which situation sounds more like yours? Do you see yourself as a John or a Christine?

Let us know. Your dull, worn floors will thank you later.

John always tries to take care of his floors, but the newest addition to his family- a labrador retriever puppy named Scout- isn’t always a huge help. Besides adding scratch marks to the already scuffed-up floors, Scout is also having a tough time with the potty-training process. Since John’s safe, green cleaning solutions aren’t always within reach when he discovers Scout’s little “surprises,” a fair amount of build-up from some common household cleaners has started to become apparent. While Scout is certainly making some progress, stains are showing up at an alarming rate. Finally, making matters worse is that even before he brought Scout home, John had been living with dull, uneven-looking floors.

Christine bought her aging home from a large family about five years ago, and she never got around to doing anything about the damaged floors. She’s ready to put the house back on the market, but the floors are in pretty bad shape. Large cracks and separation in the living room are a definite eyesore, and deeply set-in stains in the dining room don’t look much better. Several months ago, a major leak gave Christine a huge headache, and she didn’t catch it in time… a considerable amount of moisture crept into the wood, and some major warping occurred.

For problems like John’s, Hardwood Rejuvenation is definitely going to be the way to go. It’s less expensive and faster. Best of all, nobody (not even Scout!) needs to leave home when we perform the service.

For more major issues like Christine’s, traditional hardwood refinishing may be required. However, since only professionals can accurately assess hardwood damage, you should contact us today, even if you think your situation sounds more like Christine’s. Our services are 100% guaranteed, and we’re always happy to provide expert insight when you have questions about cleaning your home and office.

And oh yeah, tell your floors we said hi… and that we’ll see them soon. (We both know they deserve a little attention.)

Benefits of Choosing to Clean Green

Nashville Maid ServiceGreen cleaning has caught on quickly in recent years because all responsible citizens have recognized the grave importance of lessening our individual carbon footprint. Though the film, “An Inconvenient Truth” brought the whole issue to the forefront, people have been discussing global warming for years. People are radically divided on the issue of global warming and some say that it doesn’t exist. They believe that it’s a simple marketing strategy created by those who want to sell environmentally friendly products.

Cleaning Green – A Win – Win

To date, thousands of studies and reports have been completed and the results are fairly significant. 6 billion human beings can and have done a lot of damage to the planet. The best strategy now seems to be to make some radical changes and hope it’s enough. If each of us will simply do our part, then the future may not be as bleak as some have predicted.

That’s where green cleaning comes into play. Every year, Brighthouse cleans thousands of homes, buildings and properties. We use green cleaning products and techniques because we feel like it’s the very least we can do for our planet. But we also have several other motivations.

Safety and Health

For one, eco-friendly products are safer for your family. More and more individuals are developing allergies to chemicals used in old-fashioned products. We use all-natural products that are completely safe for your children and pets. Our Green Seal carpet cleaning solutions do not contain the same caustic substances used by other companies.

We also use HEPA filters, which safely remove air-borne pollutants like dander and dust. Some of those miniscule air-borne particles can even cause your family to become ill. Brighthouse Cleaning is not just concerned about the planet. We also care about your family, and want to make sure that we give you exceptional cleaning that is completely safe for your kids, pets and family.

We believe that Green Cleaning just makes sense. It’s better for the planet and it’s better for your family. It’s also cost-effective; but even if it wasn’t, our company is committed to making a difference. That’s why we use all-natural products designed to keep the planet and your family healthy. We want every surface in your home to be thoroughly cleaned so that if you wanted, you could safely eat off that surface.

Our Commitment

Brighthouse Cleaning cares about your family and our precious natural resources. Our commitment to make a difference is not just a temporary concept that will disappear once everyone stops talking about going green. We were here offering up all natural cleaning solutions for your home and office long before these global warming issues came about and we will be here long after.

Why Our Maid Services Choose HEPA

Maid ServicesHEPA filters have a reputation the world over for being able to remove air-borne pollutants but the average person actually doesn’t know what makes a HEPA filter so effective. Most filters act like a sieve and have the ability to trap any particle that is larger than its smallest opening. While this can trap quite a few pollutants like dander and dust, it misses some of those miniscule air-borne particles that can cause illness.

The Ultimate in Maid Services

A HEPA filter works in a completely different manner. When a particle tries to pass through the filter, it gets trapped by a clever combination of efficient designing and ingenious technology.

  1. Interception: When a particle follows a line of air flow and comes within one radius of the filter, it sticks to it.
  2. Impaction: When larger particles follow the curving contour of the air stream, they are unable to avoid being embedded in the fiber.
  3. Diffusion: This is an enhancing device that results from the collision of gas molecules with the smallest particles. The particles are impeded as they travel through the filter.

HEPA filters must meet stringent United States Department of Energy (DOE) regulations. To qualify, a filter must remove at least 99.97% of the airborne particles that are 0.3 micrometers in diameter.

The History of HEPA Filters

Many people don’t know that the HEPA filter was actually invented in the 1940’s to prevent the spread of radioactive particles during the Manhattan Project disaster. It was later manufactured for commercial use in the 1950’s. Over the years, many types of business and industries have discovered a dire need for a filtration system that traps even the smallest particle.

The pharmaceutical and aerospace industries both require this type of technology, along with hospitals, computer chip manufacturers and nuclear power plants. Many new industries evolve all the time that require dependable high performance filtration. That’s why Brighthouse Luxury Green Home Cleaning uses HEPA filters.

This type of filtration system can remove dangerous germ-carrying particles and pollutants that could harm your family. Our company and maid services are all about promoting a healthy home and a healthy planet. We believe in going above and beyond your expectations every visit with maid services that you can rely on.

Brighthouse Guarantee

Brighthouse is locally owned and operated and we take pride in our work. We are making the world a better place to live one home or business at a time. We are well-known for our “Green Initiatives” and use only non-toxic, biodegradable products that are safe for your whole family. We also use micro-fiber cloths instead of paper products because they catch and remove more of the dirt, grime and grease and they lessen the impact on local landfills.  Brighthouse is committed to providing consistent five-star maid services to our customers.

A Mother’s Work Can be Done

The Pampering Poem

A mother’s work is never done.

Let Brighthouse give her time for fun.

We’ll clean her house from top to bottom.

No speck of dust will be forgotten.

Bedrooms, bathrooms and windows, too.

Show the love from all of you.

Chocolates and flowers are a bit overplayed.

Your mom is special, she’ll have it maid!

Mothers-in-law might like this, too;

If you like her, and she likes you.

Place your call now, spots fill up fast.

Get your mom a gift that lasts.

In case you have not heard our news,

We’re easy on wallets and the environment, too.

Before we put this poem to bed,

there’s one final thing that must be said.

When you give your mom the gift of rest,

We guarantee she’ll love you best.

Spring Clean to Reduce Allergies – Five Tips

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Organic Landscaping for Nashville!

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