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Benefits of Choosing to Clean Green

by | Last updated Sep 15, 2021 | Published on Jul 22, 2013 | Blog

The benefits of choosing to clean green has caught on quickly in recent years because all responsible citizens have recognized the grave importance of lessening our individual carbon footprint. Though the film, “An Inconvenient Truth” brought the whole issue to the forefront, people have been discussing global warming for years. People are radically divided on the issue of global warming and some say that it doesn’t exist. They believe that it’s a simple marketing strategy created by those who want to sell environmentally friendly products.

Cleaning Green – A Win – Win

To date, thousands of studies and reports have been completed and the results are fairly significant. 6 billion human beings can and have done a lot of damage to the planet. The best strategy now seems to be to make some radical changes and hope it’s enough. If each of us will simply do our part, then the future may not be as bleak as some have predicted.
That’s where green cleaning comes into play. Every year, Brighthouse cleans thousands of homes, buildings and properties. We use green cleaning products and techniques because we feel like it’s the very least we can do for our planet. But we also have several other motivations.

Safety and Health

For one, eco-friendly products are safer for your family. More and more individuals are developing allergies to chemicals used in old-fashioned products. We use all-natural products that are completely safe for your children and pets. Our Green Seal carpet cleaning solutions do not contain the same caustic substances used by other companies.
We also use HEPA filters, which safely remove air-borne pollutants like dander and dust. Some of those miniscule air-borne particles can even cause your family to become ill. Brighthouse Cleaning is not just concerned about the planet. We also care about your family, and want to make sure that we give you exceptional cleaning that is completely safe for your kids, pets and family.
We believe that Green Cleaning just makes sense. It’s better for the planet and it’s better for your family. It’s also cost-effective; but even if it wasn’t, our company is committed to making a difference. That’s why we use all-natural products designed to keep the planet and your family healthy. We want every surface in your home to be thoroughly cleaned so that if you wanted, you could safely eat off that surface.

Our Commitment

Brighthouse Cleaning cares about your family and our precious natural resources. Our commitment to make a difference is not just a temporary concept that will disappear once everyone stops talking about going green. We were here offering up all natural cleaning solutions for your home and office long before these global warming issues came about and we will be here long after.

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