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The Work of a Mother Can Be Done

by | Last updated Sep 15, 2021 | Published on May 8, 2013 | Blog

Tired of giving the same old gift to your mother for Mother’s day year after year? Looking for a unique Mother’s Day gift that will show your love for her and really make her day? This Mother’s Day, let us show her the work of a mother can be done by someone else when you give the gift of a deep house cleaning from Nashville Brighthouse!


The Pampering Poem (The Work of a Mother Can Be Done)

The work of a mother can be done.
Let Brighthouse give her time for fun.
We’ll clean her house from top to bottom.
No speck of dust will be forgotten.
Bedrooms, bathrooms and windows, too.
Show the love from all of you.
Chocolates and flowers are a bit overplayed.
Your mom is special, she’ll have it maid!
Mothers-in-law might like this, too;
If you like her, and she likes you.
Place your call now, spots fill up fast.
Get your mom a gift that lasts.
In case you have not heard our news,
We’re easy on wallets and the environment, too.
Before we put this poem to bed,
there’s one final thing that must be said.
When you give your mom the gift of rest,
We guarantee she’ll love you best.

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