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Our Core Values: A Deep Dive Into What Communication, Accountability, Integrity and Excellence Mean to Nashville Brighthouse

by | Last updated Aug 23, 2021 | Published on Aug 23, 2021 | Blog, Info Article

When it comes to choosing a home cleaning service in Nashville, TN and the surrounding areas, we know you have a lot of choices. You could pick a service just based on price, based only on client reviews, or perhaps based mainly on the quality of cleaning products that they use.

At Nashville Brighthouse, we know that we can offer you the absolute best cleaning for your home, and we believe that our core values of communication, accountability, integrity, and excellence are what keeps our clients choosing us time and time again.


At the core of every Nashville Brighthouse client engagement is a relationship, and the key to any good relationship is clear, consistent communication. From the start, we want to be completely aligned with our clients’ expectations. We achieve this goal by being upfront about all aspects of the cleaning we can offer and by listening closely to clients’ special requests, concerns, and preferences. By keeping the lines of communication open before, during, and after each cleaning, we can address any concerns quickly and can build a trusting relationship with each client.


We are incredibly proud of the accountability of our professional cleaning staff. They are honest, trustworthy, and reliable. One of the most common frustrations we hear from clients that switch over from other cleaning services is that they grew tired of cleaning staff showing up late, cancelling at the last minute, or leaving before the job was finished. Even worse, they often find that there is no one available to discuss this with, no one willing to be held accountable for the expectations of the client. At Nashville Brighthouse, we make sure that each client’s needs are met and that they can feel confident that when we say we’ll be there, we’ll be there.


Allowing a stranger into your home can cause a lot of anxiety, and we understand that. When you choose to work with Nashville Brighthouse, you can feel confident that you are working with a honest, trustworthy, properly vetted team that truly wants to give you the best experience possible. We know that you are allowing us into your special space, your personal oasis, and we don’t take our integrity or that responsibility lightly.


Excellence can mean a lot of things, but to us it means making sure that our clients are fully satisfied with their cleaning service and that they enjoy the experience of working with our team. We use only the highest-quality green products to ensure a healthy, safe environment for our clients to come home to. We are thorough and precise with our cleanings, never skipping steps or cutting corners. We prioritize the comfort of our clients by accommodating their requests whenever possible.
If you choose Nashville Brighthouse as your home cleaning service, whether you’re in Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, or any of the surrounding neighborhoods, we know that you’ll be glad you did. We look forward to getting to know you!

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