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In July, We Celebrate Family Fun Month

by | Last updated Aug 4, 2022 | Published on Jul 5, 2022 | Blog

School’s out, the days are long, and there are plenty of fun things to do. This means it’s the perfect time to celebrate Family Fun Month!

Even so, if you’re trying to enjoy more time with family, you’ve probably heard your kids complain that they’re bored or worried about ways you can beat the Nashville heat.

We’ve all been there, but we’ve got some answers! Here are a few tips to help you beat the heat and enjoy time with your family this month!

Focus on Water Activities

One of the best ways to enjoy family time is by getting outdoors. Being in nature is relaxing, it lets kids see new things, and it’s a great way to stay active. That said, the summer heat can make it hard.

Rather than giving up on outdoor time, focus on getting outside and enjoying the water. Picnic by a local lake, take a canoe trip on a river, spend the day at a favorite splash pad, or even bring your water guns to a shaded park.

Don’t give up on nature activities. Instead, get creative and find ways to get outside and stay comfortable!

Do a Family Service Project

One great way to enjoy time together this summer is to work together to help others in your community. This is a great way to teach your kids responsibility and the importance of helping other people. Plus, it’ll keep them busy and get your family working together. You could:

  • Collect supplies for a local shelter.
  • Get supplies for your community food bank.
  • Put together food and essential kits for homeless shelters.
  • Volunteer at a food bank.
  • Make food for a nearby Women’s Shelter.

Get creative and come up with a project that will work well for your family, but don’t forget to include a service project in your summer plans!

Plan a Last-Minute Vacation

Sometimes you just need to get away. A change of scenery can be a great way to avoid distractions and focus on quality family time.

Just because you don’t have a trip planned doesn’t mean you have to be stuck at home. Get spontaneous and plan a last-minute getaway. You don’t have to go far, but getting away can be the perfect way to enjoy some family fun this month.

Create Something Together

One simple way to enjoy time together is by doing an art project or craft together. Kids love to create things, and adults should get in on the action too. Take some time to get your hands dirty and create something with your kids. It can be as simple as painting with watercolors or as intricate as starting a family garden. Don’t worry too much about what you do, just get creative and work together to make something as a family.

Free Up Your Schedule for More Time Together

One of the keys to enjoying time with your family this summer is being present. Yet, with the many demands of life, this is often easier said than done.

We can’t take everything off your to-do list, but at Nashville Brighthouse, we can give you some more free time. We’ll handle keeping your house clean, you handle the family fun.

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