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How To Maintain Your Home Between Professional Cleanings

by | Last updated Aug 9, 2021 | Published on Jun 21, 2021 | Blog, Info Article

There’s no better feeling than coming home to a clean house, especially when it’s just been cleaned by the professionals at Nashville Brighthouse. Your bathroom is sparkling, your bedroom is neat, and your kitchen floor has no crumbs.

You may feel that it’s impossible to maintain this level of cleanliness between visits from the professional cleaners, and perhaps it is, but with a few key products and practices, you can extend the life of your perfectly clean home and feel comfortable in your space between cleanings.

Here are 4 tips on how to maintain your home between professional cleanings:


1. Say Hello to a Hand Vacuum, Your New Best Friend

Keeping the floor clean of loose dirt is the foundation for extending your home cleaning. Whether you’re dealing with leaves dragged in from your shoes or a handful of rice that landed on the kitchen floor, an accessible hand vacuum that can easily be removed from a wall hanging and will quickly suck up your mess is a life-saver.

2. Always Keep a Bottle of Multipurpose Cleaner Handy

When the professional staff at Nashville Brighthouse show up to clean your home, they are equipped with specific green, premium products to clean each room of your house, from the toilet to the kitchen sink. Rather than invest in all of these specialized products yourself, keep one bottle of multipurpose cleaner and a washcloth handy in each room of the house. If you get some tomato sauce on your counter top or spray some lip gloss onto your mirror, you can quickly whip out these supplies to clean it up. It may not be perfect, but it will keep your house looking and feeling clean until the cleaning staff comes back.

3. Don’t Let the Dust In

Why does it seem like dust accumulates even faster after a professional cleaning? To keep the dust from piling up, try to keep windows closed when you’re not in the room, especially during windier times of the day.

4. Take Mess as it Comes to Maintain Your Home Between Professional Cleanings

If you only follow one tip to keep your home clean between professional visits, it should be this one; clean mess as it’s made. This doesn’t mean walking around your house constantly with the hand vacuum, but rather that if you spill something or notice a dirty window, counter, etc. deal with it as soon as possible to avoid the messes piling up and therefore creating a big cleaning project to tackle rather than one little task.

At Nashville Brighthouse, we want you to revel in your beautiful, clean home not just after we leave but every day until we see you again. We’ll tackle the big stuff – disinfecting surfaces, dusting baseboards, and much, much more – ensuring that your house is in great shape so that any small messes that happen between visits will be quick and easy to manage!

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