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5 Tips to Keep Your Home Clean with a New Baby

by | Last updated Aug 9, 2021 | Published on Aug 8, 2021 | Blog, Info Article

Babies are not known for being clean. Rather, they are cute little bundles of spit-up that often don’t leave their parents with enough free time to clean up after their many messes, let alone tidy up a house and do laundry and dishes. Of course, keeping a spotless house is not the main priority while taking care of a new-to-the-world human, but parents do often feel more centered, calm and in control if they are able to live in a relatively clean and uncluttered environment.

Here are 5 things you can do to keep your home clean with a new baby:

1. Stash Burp Cloths, Baby Wipes, and Diapers Everywhere

Keep a few burp cloths, a pack of baby wipes, and a couple of extra diapers in each bathroom, in the kitchen, in your bedroom, and in any room around the house that the baby may spend time in. If you are faced with a spit-up situation or a formula spill on the couch, you want to be prepared to clean up the mess as soon as possible to avoid stains and unwanted lingering smells. In the case of a blowout diaper, you are best able to minimize the mess if you can clean and change the baby without carrying him or her to another room.

2. Buy Big (and Little) Bins

Even little babies use a surprising number of toys, including teethers, rattles, and board books. It would obviously be ideal if everyone had the time to put away all these accessories neatly on a shelf or drawer throughout the day, but that is just not realistic. Rather, invest in some bins that allow you to quickly and easily throw items in to create a less cluttered environment. While clear bins do make it easier to see what is in each bin, colored bins give the room a cleaner overall look.

3. Combat Crumbs

The truth is that it’s not just the baby that makes a lot of mess. New parents rarely are able to enjoy a meal sitting down at the dining room table and rather tend to eat on the couch while feeding the baby, in the nursery, or even in their bedroom. If they are eating at the table, one of them is likely holding the baby and therefore trying his or her best to eat neatly with only one hand. Whatever the eating arrangement, try to keep the mess in control by choosing foods that leave little to no crumbs or by using placemats wherever you happen to be enjoying your meal. As a last resort, a slightly damp napkin under a plate can make a huge difference in catching falling crumbs.

4. Remove Shoes at the Door

Babies spend a lot of time on the floor. Even before they’re crawling, they enjoy laying on a blanket and looking up at the lights or at a mobile, and every new parent knows the incredible importance of tummy time. To keep your floor baby-ready, introduce a strict no-shoes policy in the house. By removing shoes at the door, you greatly reduce the amount of dirt and dust dragged into your home. This is beneficial for the baby but also makes a big difference in keeping your home feeling clean in general.

5. Bring in the Professionals

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help, especially when it comes to cleaning. Hiring a professional cleaning service like Nashville Brighthouse allows you the opportunity to get out of the house and return to a clean, sanitized, tidy home. Nashville Brighthouse uses green, non-toxic products to ensure the safest environment for you and your new little family member. With reliable service and a team dedicated to excellence, having Nashville Brighthouse on your side lets you hand off the cleaning duties so that you can focus on taking care of your sweet new baby.

The first few months with a new baby are never easy, but by making a few small changes and hiring a professional cleaning service, you can enjoy those newborn cuddles and fast-approaching growth milestones in a clean, comfortable home.


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