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5 Tips for Summer Home Cleaning

by | Last updated Aug 23, 2021 | Published on Jul 25, 2021 | Blog, Info Article

As the weather heats up and you and your family enjoy more outdoor, summer-time activities, you may quickly start to notice that your once clean, pristine home seems suddenly messy and untidy. Don’t worry – you can partake in all of the summer fun while still keeping your home under control!

Here are 5 tips for maintaining a clean house in the warmer summer months:

1. Keep Shoes Outside

Summer is synonymous with fun in the sun. Whether that means spending days by the pool or a lake, enjoying picnics in the park, or just strolling through the outdoor shopping mall, your shoes are clinging to the sand and the dirt. To keep the messy fun from entering your home, put a shoe rack right by the front door to remind all family members to take off shoes before entering the house.

2. Invest in a Hand Vacuum

Unfortunately, shoes are not the only way that remnants from the day enter your living space. For the sand dragged in by a towel or the dirt stuck to a picnic blanket, a quick swipe of a handheld vacuum will keep the mess from spreading.

3. Create an Accessory Bin

One of the reasons your home may seem more untidy during the summer is because of the accessories you’re wearing or using outside and likely dumping onto the nearest surface as soon as you enter through the door. Creating a designated accessory bin for hats, sunglasses, etc. can help avoid the clutter.

4. Choose Cute Coasters

Condensation is the enemy of great furniture. It’s obviously important to stay hydrated, but cold drinks left without a coaster on your favorite dining or living room table are definitely going to leave a watermark that lasts long past the summer months. By having cute coasters easily accessible, you and your family are more likely to reach for one when you’re enjoying your refreshment.

5. Hire a Premium Cleaning Service

Perhaps the best way to manage all of the messes that summer invites into your home is to regularly hire a premium cleaning team like Nashville Brighthouse. The luxury cleaning service uses clean, non-toxic products and guarantees a spotless clean. They are reliable and easy to communicate with, ensuring that your home will be taken care of while you and your family are out enjoying the sun.

It’s not necessary for your home to feel messy or untidy as the days heat up. With a new rule about keeping shoes outside, an easy-to-use hand vacuum, an accessory bin, cute coasters and a trustworthy home cleaning service, your house will be a clean, welcoming oasis.

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