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5 Tips for Hosting a Fun, Easy Labor Day BBQ

by | Last updated Sep 15, 2021 | Published on Sep 5, 2021 | Blog, Info Article

Labor Day Weekend is a great time to get family and friends together to eat, drink, and celebrate the last warm days (and nights!) of summer. However, planning and hosting a Labor Day BBQ can mean a lot of stress and a lot of mess.

Here are 5 ways to make hosting a Labor Day BBQ bit easier, while still ensuring a memorable day for everyone:

1. Prepare Ahead

Whether it’s decorations or food prep, the more you can do before the day of the party the better. Consider any utensils, beverages, or snacks you may need to buy and get your shopping done early to avoid the crowds.

2. Keep It Small

When considering your guest list, remember to keep it manageable. Smaller crowds mean less prep, less mess, and often it leads to more meaningful interactions and conversations with the guests that are invited.

3. Plan Some Entertainment

There’s nothing worse than bored guests, especially children. If you’re into planned activities, choose a few games that everyone can get involved in, whether something physical like a race or something more intellectual like trivia, and make sure you have the supplies you need. If you prefer more spontaneous interactions, have a few soccer balls or board games on hand in case any of your guests feel like playing.

4. Accept Help

When people ask what they can bring to the BBQ, give them something to bring! It can be a food item, a beverage, or even something as simple as picking up ice on the way over. There’s no shame in delegating some of the work.

5. Let the Professionals Clean

Speaking of delegating, one of the easiest ways to make hosting an event easier is to hire a professional cleaning team to clean your home before and/or after the party. Starting with a clean house will make you feel more comfortable welcoming guests, and having help cleaning the space afterwards takes a lot of the pressure off of hosting. A reliable, communicative, thorough green cleaning company like Nashville Brighthouse can be your secret event-hosting weapon.

Remember that hosting a great Labor Day BBQ is about creating space for family and friends to talk, laugh, and enjoy the time together. By planning ahead, keeping it small, preparing some entertainment, accepting help, and hiring professional cleaners, you can host a wonderful event for your guests and can actually enjoy the experience as well.

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