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5 Spots People Forget to Clean in Their Homes

by | Last updated Oct 4, 2021 | Published on Oct 4, 2021 | Blog, Info Article

Whether it’s a daily scrub of the kitchen counters or a weekly vacuum throughout the space, most of us do a decent amount of home cleaning on a regular basis. Especially as the last year and a half or so has us all spending more time at home, the dirt and dust accumulate quickly, and staying on top of the cleaning each day is key to feeling clean and comfortable in your space.

Unfortunately, however, the cursory daily or weekly cleaning misses some key spots that gather germs and grime in your home. Here are 5 of the things people forget to clean most often in their homes:

1. Baseboards

Sure, it’s easy to vacuum the floors or pick up any loose dirt with a broom, but have you taken a look at your baseboards lately? It’s likely that they’ve collected a decent amount of dust if you’re not taking care of them regularly.

2. Faucets

A magnet for water spots, toothpaste splatter or soap scum, the faucets around your sinks are probably dirtier than you realize. If you have silver faucets, it’s likely that they could also use a decent polish to bring out their natural shine which often appears dull under layers of dirt.

3. Ceiling Fans and Hanging Light Fixtures

They’re hard to reach, so ceiling fans and hanging light fixtures don’t get cleaned very often. If you haven’t used your fan in a while, you’ll definitely want to have it dusted before turning it on and spraying that dust throughout the room.

4. Windowsills

It makes sense that window sills gather a lot of dirt; they’re the easiest place for it to land any time your window is open. If you live in a particularly windy or rainy location, your window sills are definitely going to be collecting a lot of dust that turns into a thick, sometimes muddy, layer on the windowsill that can be difficult to remove.

5. Closet Drawers and Floors

When was the last time you opened your closet door to clean out the space above or under your hanging garments? This often-neglected area can collect a lot of dust that you definitely don’t want near your favorite sweater.

The truth is, it’s difficult enough to find time to wipe countertops or vacuum a living room, much less find time to tackle all the places people forget to clean in their homes. That’s where Nashville Brighthouse comes in. With a team of cleaning experts that specialize in thoroughly removing dust, dirt, grime, and germs from all nooks and crannies, you can feel comfortable knowing that your space is spotless and safe for you and your family after each cleaning. Nashville Brighthouse prioritizes reliability and communication, ensuring that you have a smooth experience on your journey to a fresh, deeply clean home each and every time we visit. Schedule your home cleaning today!

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