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Brighthouse LUXURY GREEN HOME CLEANING is a proud sponsor of the following organizations:

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Brighthouse has partnered with Earth Savers to bring sustainable recycling to our community.

Earth Savers has already helped residential homeowners and business owners
recycle more than 20 million pounds of waste since launching ten years ago.

Did you know that recycled plastic water bottles are ground and formed into
pellets that are made into items like car parts, package strapping,
insulation and even recycling bins?

Now you can choose every day to make the planet a greener place. At home
recycling through Earth Savers can help divert anywhere from 25 to 50 % of
waste from landfill to recycle plant. That means your community pays less
for residential waste collection.

Everyday items like paper, cardboard, Styrofoam and metal food cans account
for 28% of residential waste. Glass accounts for almost 6%.

* With Earth Savers, one cart collects it all.

* The Earth Savers online account management system makes it easy to
choose recycling options whether it’s compost collection, battery & light
bulb recycling or standard curbside collection.

* Real-Time Collection Tracking that knows where trucks are and track
route performance.

* Photo Verification ensures service verification.

* Bin notices and e-newsletters keep residents up-to-date on the
latest service and schedule changes.

Want to learn more? Don’t just wave your magic wand and say, “Abracadabra!”
Call Earth Savers at 615-481-9640 or visit www.earthsavers.org

Be a leader in your community, join Earth Savers and turn your trash into a
sustainable future.



We are proud to announce our affiliation with the Cleaning For A Reason foundation, the non-profit providing free, professional housecleaning servies to women undergoing treatment for cancer. We contribute time and money to this organization; providing free cleaning services to women during this time of need.






This year Brighthouse Cleaning is honored to be a corporate sponsor of Books, Bubbles and Blues, an event benefiting Books from Birth of Middle Tennessee.

Literacy is the essential building block for success, and it is built upon early reading skills. Yet here in Middle Tennessee there are thousands of children that will never build those skills or have those memories simply because they do not have access to books, whether because of financial issues or their parents have not grown up with books in their own childhood memories. Since 2005, Books from Birth of Middle Tennessee has been working to make sure all children here have access to books no matter their families’ financial abilities.


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