“Brighthouse Buzz”

“Our family LOVES Nashville Bright House! The team does such a great job when they visit AND they leave organic tea for us, too! It feels good to choose a business who actually cares about the impact they leave on our world.‎”

– Ashley Carnell, Franklin

“We live with three dogs, and the hair and dust in my home is finally under control for the first time in years! Brighthouse is extremely detailed. Our cleaner is always flexible and gladly handles any special requests we have. This service is much better than others we’ve hired in the past. We use to pay about the same amount, but the service isn’t even comparable. Check them out, they were running some good specials on their website.”

– Samantha Mathis, Brentwood‎

“Finally, a cleaning company that cleans thoroughly! Our housekeeper visits twice a month, and is always willing to adjust to our needs. I’ve been uneasy about service people in our home in the past, but feel very comfortable with this company.They also bring all their own green equipment and supplies. If you are looking for more than just a quick dust and mop – these guys are the way to go.”

– John McGann, Franklin

“My wife and I were very pleased with the attention to detail. We recently found that our son is highly allergic to dust mites. Brighthouse has been very focused on eliminating dust with their HEPA equipment and special clothes. They are very open to talking about what we need in our home. It is nice to walk in and see the housekeeper cleaning in areas that wouldn’t normally be touched. The only complaint is that we had to wait about two weeks to get our first appointment, but after that they have been extremely punctual, and very consistent. We highly recommend their service, especially if you have an eye for detail.”

– Bob Schwartz, Hendersonville‎

“These guys are on it! We’ve tried three “main-stream” cleaning companies, and Bright House by far does a much better job. On their first visit, a team of two stayed in our home 9 hours until everything was spotless. They don’t miss an inch. We’re on their weekly program – we have the same crew in our home (which are very friendly), and they always ask if I have any special cleaning chores. The scented linen mists are nice to come home to as well! The prices aren’t any cheaper than the other guys, but you get a LOT more.”

– Jessica Robertson, Belle Meade