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It’s that time of year again when 90 degrees feels like a “cool” day. The heat is unforgiving and it’s just the first few days of summer.  When the temperature shoots up, so does your energy usage.  At Brighthouse Luxury Green Home Cleaning, we know that green cleaning is only a very small part of your overall goal to live a sustainable lifestyle. During these hot months, there are a few simple things you can do to reduce your energy usage while receiving the added benefit of a lower electric bill. See how many you can implement this month and watch the savings begin!  Maybe you’ll end up with enough extra cash to book some additional time with your favorite Brighthouse Attendant next month…hint, hint! In the meantime, here are some Energy Savings Made Simple tips:

TURN OFF THE LIGHTS!  Managing your lights is one of the simplest ways to reduce your energy usage.  99% of the typical lightbulb energy use is converted to HEAT and only 1% is used for light.  The very last thing we need in our homes this time of year is heat, and my home tends to have enough natural light come in WITH THE BLINDS CLOSED to operate safely up until 7 or 8 pm this time of year.  Of course, we recommend switching over to LED’s as they require far less energy to operate and have an incredibly long life-span.  Also be sure to use motion-sensors on your homes exterior lighting!

CEILING FANS can be a great way to cool off while reducing energy usage.  But be careful, because having all of your fans on full-time will surely add up fast!  Turning a fan on in the room you’re occupying can typically allow you to turn your AC up 3-5 degrees while still feeling comfortable as the breeze created cools your skin.  Be sure to turn those fans off before you leave the house – they don’t provide any benefit if you’re not there! Contrary to popular belief,

CLOSING AIR VENTS in less-used rooms does not equal energy savings and could cost you big-time in the end.  Energy Vanguard wrote a great article on the pressure issues caused by messing with the intentionally installed flow of your home’s supply and return vents.  Messing with this carefully designed pressure ration can cause your system to over-work resulting in higher energy usages as well as potential damages to your central AC.   Always keep all interior doors open throughout the home and your temperature should level out and maintain quickly.  Of course, a good annual tune-up and inspection of your system is always recommended as well.

SET YOUR THERMOSTAT up when you’re leaving the house.  Contrary to popular belief, it takes less energy to cool down a hot house after being gone all day than it does to simply maintain a lower temperature through the day.  Setting your thermostat lower will not make your home cool down faster but it will make it run longer!  If you really want to get efficient, install a programmable thermostat that adjusts temperatures automatically throughout the day for maximum savings.  The difference between a thermostat set at 70 degrees and 78 degrees is almost DOUBLE the energy bill!

CLOSE THOSE BLINDS!  When you leave for the day, be sure to close the blinds, lower the drapes, and pull the curtains.  Letting additional light into your home creates more heat resulting in more running time for the old AC.  During the winter months (please come soon!) be sure to let in as much natural sunlight as possible to have the reverse effect of keeping the house warm.

What are you doing at home to save energy?  Any tips or tricks you want to share?  Are you teaching your children about energy efficiency?  Why not have the kids be on “Light Patrol”, checking for lights left on when leaving the house or during family times when everyone is in the same room.  Make sustainability fun!  

That is all for this month!  Next time, we’ll be digging into proper water usage around the house.  Yes, I’m talking to you who are running your sprinklers at 3:00pm in the heat of the day.  As always, we genuinely appreciate your business and always look forward to seeing you again.  Until next time, Stay Green!

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