Hardwood Rejuvenation

Nashville Hardwood RestorationAre you at home right now? If so, take a quick look at your hardwood floors.

Are they dull and worn? How about your favorite furry creature… has he left some unsightly scratches in his favorite lounging spot?

If you’re not at home, would you like to find beautiful, like-new hardwood floors when you arrive this evening?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, our cleaners already know that you stand much to gain from our newest Green Seal approved cleaning service! An alternative to traditional, invasive floor refinishing, Hardwood Rejuvenation is a completely green way to bring your hardwood floors back to life! So whether you’re putting your home on the market or are simply ready to give your home its much needed annual makeover, consider the following advantages of Hardwood Rejuvenation.

Hardwood Rejuvenation is effective.

The three-step method takes your scratched, uneven floors from dull to dazzling in one day. You’ll hardly recognize your floors once they are scrubbed with a neutral solution, shined with a mineral cleaner, and sealed with a protective wood seal. (Trust us, you won’t miss those top-layer surface stains, minor cracks and chair scuffs once they are gone.) Moving into a home that has been repeatedly cleaned with harmful chemicals? Our Hardwood Rejuvenation service is the perfect way to strip away the built-up residue.

Hardwood Rejuvenation is convenient.

If you’ve ever hired a sander to refinish your hardwood floors, our cleaners won’t have to tell you how much of a headache that process can be. Sanding is expensive, messy and often requires homeowners to leave their residences for up to a week! Hardwood Rejuvenation uses a neutral, mechanical method of cleaning the top layer of hardwood- never sand. And since our cleaners don’t need to remove your baseboards, there is no reason for you to leave your home at all.

Hardwood Rejuvenation is safe.

Since there is no sanding involved in the process, it’s nonabrasive and no dangerous dust is generated. Our Hardwood Rejuvenation technicians never use bleach or chlorine, and they are led by a professional with 20 years of experience with the method. The only cleaning solution used is neutral cleaner, so from start to finish, Hardwood Rejuvenation is 100% child and pet friendly.

If you have taken advantage of any of our services before, you already know that we pride ourselves in excellent communication with our clients. That’s why we want to be clear about the fact that Hardwood Rejuvenation is not for everyone. If there are major cracks in your floors, or if you have warped or moisture-damaged boards, the method may not work for you.

Need help determining whether or not Hardwood Rejuvenation is right for you? Contact us today. We’re happy to provide you with our Hardwood Rejuvenation service as part of a cleaning package created especially for your home. Our cleaners are courteous and mindful, and our services are always 100% guaranteed!

Our cleaners look forward bringing your floors back to life!